Moon 7/7

In a rusty old house somewhere lives an 80 year old man. He sits in his balcony with his aching body cursing himself for not being able to make himself go back to his bed and sleep. He knows exactly why he doesn’t want to back inside. Its his 56th wedding anniversary and for the first time in his 56 years of marriage, his wife is not here to celebrate it with him. He is missing her tonight, a little more than he usually does because each year they used to find an unusual way to celebrate this day but this is the first year he’s spending this day alone. He closes his eyes and ina matter of seconds, his whole life flashes by before his eyes. He has spent almost 80 years in this world but it feels like his whole life passed by in less than 80 seconds. From school to college to university to eventually getting married to his highschool sweetheart and having 2 beautiful daughters to the death of his wife, his life passed by in a blur. He never thought this day would come when he would be sitting in his wife’s favourite spot all alone on their wedding anniversary hoping he could go back in time and live every moment of his life once again. He remembers how she always joked about dying first and he always told her how much he hated hearing that. But tonight he is laughing sardonically at the same cruel joke wondering how it could become reality so easily and so soon. He wishes that he could have died when his wife did but he knows perfectly well that he’ll have to wait for a long time before its his turn to go. So he looks at the sky and finds himself staring at the moon like his wife always did whenever he found her sitting in the balcony all alone. He would always accompany her and gaze at the moon trying to understand what his wife found so intriguing about it. And thats exactly what he does tonight. He keeps staring at the moon trying to imagine why his wife was so fond of it and waits till he can finally meet her and persuade her into telling him the mystery behind her fondness of the moon.


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